Dark Egypt

These are some more shots around Egypt. I was kind of busy this time and I didn’t really keep good notes about where each photo was taken. Oops. Most of them are in or around the City of the Sun God. I guess this set is starting to show the darker side of secret Egypt.

A tiny custodian approaches a giant skeleton.

Ok those custodians are cute when they’re tiny. I see why some people keep them as pets. Must remember to get more pictures of those bones.

Statues, gateway.

Another random place in Egypt. Some half-buried statues and that black stone construction again.

Inside the Black Pyramid.

Inside the Black Pyramid. You can see the Black Pharoah at his altar…

Ruined columns in the Reformatory.

The Reformatory? Maybe? We didn’t actually spend much time in here, I just snapped a photo.

Columns, stone floor, gloom, torches.

A huge columned hallway inside the black pyramid.

A doorway lit by torches.

I’m not sure where this one is actually… somewhere in Egypt…

A big black gate.

A massive gateway.

A hellish cathedral?


A many armed statue in a sandy ruined hall.

A massive statue in a ruin. Al is standing there for scale (or he was just looking at the statue when I took the picture).

The Black Pyramid.

The Black Pyramid.

Statue of a snake woman in a desert.

Moutemoia’s statue in front of the black pyramid.

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